How an Uninterruptible Power Supply here in the Philippines Can Save You


I was working on my thesis at around 10 in the evening when suddenly the lights went out. It’s raining hard and the sound of thunder rocked the atmosphere.

Uh-oh. It’s a blackout.

The total loss of main power can result to loss of unsaved current work and data corruption on my external hard drive―where all my thesis-related files are stored! Others would have panicked but I did not. Good thing I have my handy UPS at home.

What I did was, I saved my work, safely ejected my hard disk drive, shut down my computer and rested my eyes until the power came back. Being prepared for power problems that can occur any day gave me the advantage to rescue my life’s work.

If you’ve lost crucial work and had your data corrupted by sudden power outages, you most probably should buy one for yourself. Aside from giving you a few minutes to save work and properly turn off your computer, here are other key features proving that this multi-purpose device is indeed, a life-saver:

It usually supports 4-8 devices.

If you badly need the internet, you can plug your WiFi router. In need of a light source? Lamps can also be plugged into the device as well. Just make sure that the gadgets you’re plugging into the UPS consume a small amount of electricity to keep them running longer.

It protects your equipment.

The fluctuation of electricity brought about by power surges, spikes, brownouts, and blackouts can cause serious damage to your equipment. It pays to be prepared especially when disaster strikes! Investing in an uninterruptible power supply in the country where these frequently occur looks like an investment well spent if it means preserving the integrity of 30-50,000 Php worth of hardware.

Some advanced models have intelligent features.

With this era’s plethora of technological advancements, this piece of technology continues to impress. Advanced models even have an automatic save and shut down feature. When the power goes out, the UPS’ monitoring device sends a shutdown instruction to the plugged electronic devices, saving any progress made. Once these are sorted out, the UPS and the plugged gadgets are automatically shut down.

Then again, with great power comes great responsibility. Before you buy that uninterruptible power supply here in the Philippines, make sure that you will properly care for it, too. I usually place mine somewhere well-ventilated and not too dusty. Oh, and make sure to change the batteries every two to three years!

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  1. I actually owned one years ago and it helped me with my gaming binge, imagine having a power outage and you're still playing a game, just a bit farther away from a save point then poof, blackout. the uninterruptible power supply from Philippines I bought from Panther pretty much saved the day

    And I shit you not, I still use it today.
    I've changed pc parts, all except my UPS which only required a battery change at some point.


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