6 Cool Summer Workshops for Kids near San Juan, Metro Manila


Condo for sale in San Juan is as in demand as a bowl of ice cream during summer. Kids especially love it because it doesn’t just cool you off, but it is overloaded with sweetness as well—both the season & ice cream. No doubt that one of the favorite “summer activities” of children is eating sugary treats. There is no school work to keep their hands busy so the summer break is their perfect time to indulge in sweets, video games and a lot of siesta time.

Sounds fun? Hold it right there.

What is more fun? Letting your child bum out and fill your condo in San Juan and their tummy with for sale chocolates throughout their break. Or help them create wonderful and unforgettable memories with real summer activities that are near San Juan. Aaand at the end of it, reward them with a sweet treat for a job well-done. We’re talking about these:

2017 Milo Summer Sports Clinics

Image source: milo.com.ph

Summer is incomplete without Milo Sports Clinic. This May, they have lined up with sports like basketball (Xavier School), chess (Greenhills), crossfit (Greenhills West), and taekwondo (Xavier School and OB Montessori College Greenhills).

Reward them with: Cupcakes at Cupcake Lab with flavors like PB Smores, Reese’s, Chocolate Chip and Oreo Surprise. They also have cookies, brownies, cake pops and whoopie pies.

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop and Jollibee Mini Managers Camp

Two of the largest fast-food chains in the Philippines, Jollibee and McDonald’s, wants to teach children the value of hard work, creativity and teamwork while having fun! Jollibee’s activities include storytelling, burger making and jolly joy box assembly. Conversely, McDonald’s has talent workshop, song and dance and personalized scrapbook making. The young trainees also have a chance to be a Jollibee or McDonald’s crew!
Reward them with: Jollibee sundae? Too common. McDonald’s McFlurry? Not that, too. It’s just gonna be their nth time eating this. But how about a slice of Tutti Frutti or Moist Choco Caramel from Icings? Let them try something different this summer.

FIRST Robotics Learning Center

Image source: firstrobotics.ph

Isn’t learning robotics too advanced for kids? FIRST Robotics Learning Center debunks this because they have inventors as young as 5 years old! Their program is entitled “Heroes’ Adventure: Rescue Mission.” Their website didn’t elaborate what it is about and with that, they have to join, learn and do some tweaking!

Reward them with: Cookies at Sugarhouse. What do they want? Sugarhouse has classic Chocolate Chip, chunky Trailmix, and delicious Red Velvet. Your youngsters deserve it after such brain-challenging activity.

Young Coders

Image source: Facebook/YoungCodersPH

In this workshop they will not play video games but create them! Young Coders invites children ages 3 to 15 years to learn animation, game design and website creation. Who knew your kids could ditch child’s play altogether and be a developer at a young age?

Reward them with: Frozen Custard topped with sundae or Blendini from Rita’s Italian Ice. It is kind of expensive but your child surely needs to chill his/her brain with all of that coding.

48th CCP Summer Dance Workshop

Image source: digitaleducation.net

The host this time is the Ballet Philippines Dance School. In this workshop, your kids will learn the basics of ballet and hip hop. Although, the main venue is at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), they also have branches in SM Aura Premier, Greenhills Theater Mall and Victoria Tower Building.

Reward them with: Carousel Creamery and we can’t decide which flavor is the best because they have so much kinds of ice cream, it’s insane—101 flavors, to be exact! All that twirling and hopping are worth it as your child enjoy scoop after scoop after scoop…

What are you waiting for?! Pull your kids out of your condo in San Juan and stop them from just consuming a half-year worth of for sale desserts this summer! Help them to stay active, alert and learning continuously. This is also the best time to develop their social skills and communication skills. Don’t let them slack off this summer and give them a sweet reward afterwards

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