Basics of Teeth Grillz

Are you planning to buy for sale grillz teeth? Then you have to read this article to prepare yourself for your most daring purchase yet.

First things first… a little history.

A long time ago, you won’t see a signages like “grillz teeth for sale.” Yet it is surprising to know that people are raving about it way back to 4,500 years ago! However, dentists were not yet present at the time so they have to do it on their own which is pretty scary and dangerous because they still don’t have the right tools. Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Mayans, Etruscans and old ancestors of Filipinos wore it as a status symbol and give away their standing in their community.

Fast forward, it came back with vengeance during the late 90’s. It became popular with the hip-hop peeps, A-list celebrities and the rich kids. Now, type in “grillz teeth for sale” in your favorite search engine and you will get more than four million results!

Nonetheless, you might still be undaunted by this staggering number and continue your search. FYI, Teeth grillz, or sometimes called grillz or caps, comes in three types, namely, permanent, instant or custom. Permanent grillz are with you even after you’re six feet under the ground. There are also for sale instant teeth grillz that you can remove whenever you want. The third type falls between the permanent and instant grillz.

Before you decide to have grillz implants, consider your lifestyle first. Are you a businessman or is your job to face clients? Ditch your first option and go for the second one. You don’t want your clients looking at you weirdly because you’re pearly whites look like this:

Image source:

Match the type and design of grillz based on your lifestyle and profession or job. Moreover, in case you fancy gold caps as the same as above, you have to consider the characteristics of gold based on its karats. As explained by Lifehack, a 10K type is the cheapest and the strongest but stains easily. This is opposite of a 24K gold.

Buying a for sale teeth grillz may be the coolest bling you will ever have but keep in mind the health implications of wearing it. The American Dental Association (ADA) reminds us even “at present there are no studies that show that grillz are harmful to the mouth—but there are no studies that show that their long-term wear is safe.” In addition, ADA advised us:

  • Be careful brushing and flossing it
  • Brush or clean it every after meal or eating
  • Don’t wear it often as food and other debris may accumulate in it
  • Remove it before eating
  • Don’t use jewelry cleaners to avoid being poisoned
  • Clean it regularly to avoid bad breath
  • Find out what materials it is made of to avoid gum irritation

Last but not least consult your dentist first before getting a set of for sale teeth grillz! Bear in mind that your set of teeth is one of the assets you should always maintain with extra care.

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