6 Signs You’re inside a Filipino Home


Many house and lot units for sale in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines are developed with inspiration from foreign architectural designs. Some developers even give their projects foreign-sounding names and build the house structure up to exterior finishing in a way that brings a different feel and atmosphere in the community. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you are in a different country.

Make no mistake that despite the foreign-looking exterior; Filipino families make their homes an extension of their character and culture. You know you are entering a Filipino home when you spot these six signs:

The walls look like a photo and achievement gallery

Rather than paintings, Filipinos prefer to display photos on their walls. Commonly, there are photos of birthdays, graduations, and weddings. Filipinos are very sentimental, so they capture all the important parts of their lives and display it in their walls. Mothers enjoy seeing the photos of their children growing up.

Together with the photos displayed on walls, you can also see framed achievements from certificates and diplomas to medals and also trophies. Sometimes, the frames may even be improvised from old and colorful magazines and cardboard.

There is a rug that says “Welcome Home” as you enter

Most Filipinos remember being scolded by their mothers if they try to enter the house with slippers on. Slippers and shoes are kept outside the house and you are used to stamping on the mat to clean your feet before going inside.Also, a cross-stitched “Welcome Home” sign might be hung on the door.

The cabinets are full of stuffed toys

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed
You are prohibited from playing with the stuffed toys and newly bought Barbie dolls because they might become dirty. The dolls are kept in a dust-free place to ensure they will always look new. The same goes with the fancy plates, glasses, mugs, spoons and forks reserved to be used only on very special occasions.

The television has cloth covering

…and the furniture is covered with plastic or cloth. Filipino mothers are known to be particular in keeping their houses, furniture and appliances clean, they safeguard things with plastic or cloth covering.

Curtains are multipurpose

You know you’re in a Filipino home if curtains are hung by the door. Filipinos commonly use curtains as partitions for their houses, be it in Cagayan de Oro way down South or in the central capital Manila—curtains are just a big thing to Filipinos. Curtains are used not just for windows, but also for doors and even as covering for walls. Check this out for curtain tie-back ideas.

No matter what the architecture of a house and lot for sale in Cagayan de Oro is, there’s going to be a touch of Filipino that will waft inside it once you make it your home. How about you? Are these simple Filipino customs still observable in your home?

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