Easy Home Hacks: 2 Space Saving and Crafty Home Dividers


You’ve tirelessly searched for the perfect house and lot for sale in Cagayan de Oro. Now that you’re a new homeowner, it’s time to put things in order and start enjoying your new abode Dividers are great for organizing homes, as they allow you to make partitions for different purposes.

Commonly, traditional houses are divided by fixed concrete walls, but for condominium units with limited area or open concept homes, here are some unique and creative dividers and partitions you can do yourself to make your home more efficient and organized.

Flower curtain made from plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottles can survive on Earth for 450 years, so it is not wise to throw them away with other garbage in landfills because they will not disintegrate. However, plastic bottles can be upcycled into creative home dividers. Here’s how:

Image Source: designrulz.com
1. You will need plastic bottles, a knife or pair of scissors, sand in a metal pan, an awl or nail, and thin wire.

2. Using the knife or scissors, cut around the bottom part of the plastic bottles, shaping flower petals as you go.

3. Pre-heat the pan of sand in the oven. Carefully take it out and immerse the flowers in heated sand. This will soften the plastic and allow you to gently sculpt the flowers into more natural curves.

4. How many flowers you make depends on the area where you will put your home divider. Once you have enough, make small holes at the edges of the flowers using the awl and string them together with thin wire.

5. If you like, you can also paint your plastic flower curtain in your desired color or paint them like snowflakes.

Groove with the vinyl LPs

Oh, yes! You can make use of those old vinyl LPs your grandfather collected. Just make sure you use those that he no longer listens to or those which are already defective. Just follow these few steps and have your creative room divider.

Image Source: etsy.com
1. Gather the needed materials: 12” vinyl LPs, jump rings, white contact paper (optional), and paint (optional).

2. If you want to make your room divider colorful, cover both sides of vinyl LPs with white contact paper. You can keep them white or you can paint them with any design you want. But if you want the classic look of vinyl LPs, simply proceed to the next step.

3. Drill small holes in your vinyl LPs at 90⁰ and 270⁰ angles.

4. Connect the vinyl LPs using jump rings.

5. Hang ‘em up!

Home dividers serve as functional and mobile borders, setting apart rooms from each other. So if you see a house and lot for sale in Cagayan de Oro with undefined spaces, home dividers will keep you organized. Remember concrete wall dividers are not the only way to separate spaces – with some creativity plus these easy and simple home hacks, you can now arrange your home any way you want it, any time you want it.

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