Checklist on Renting Commercial Spaces


Is the company being held back to the environment of the workplace? Working on your current workspace in not effective anymore and even hinders the tasks at hand. Another is thinking of expanding the business and not knowing what to look for. Here are the helpful tips for your commercial space hunt.

There are quite a number of available commercial spaces in the Philippines but if you’re settling in the southern area of Luzon there are facilities that offers commercial space renting such as in Cavite. But before investing on one it would be best to put these tips into consideration just so the renting process would be a breeze.

1. Don’t make immediate decisions

It would be best to take things slowly, process all the gathered information, and see to it that you create a set of choices to choose from. One must consider to weigh their options, know what they need, and see who’s responsible for the following house needs:

  • Internal and external maintenance and repair

  • If the house ensures you with fire protection, health and safety regulations. Though in most cases this should be handled by you but if a space is offering such services, I guess better put that into consideration.

  • See to it if the company is has a detailed specification of the building and the contents.

  • Also, check if the place is accessible to persons with disability in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act.

2. Have an insight of the Neighborhood status

Making a drive around the area of the commercial space you're eyeing will be one of the great marketing strategy for to see if the place is ready for the of business you're providing or selling and if there are competitive customers around. Upon having an analysis of the area, decisions for the finalization of the renting procedure will be done with confidence.

3. Renting procedures

It should be of top priority to have adequate knowledge from these set of questions:

  • How much will the cost of the rent? Will it be paid by weekly, monthly, quarterly methods?

  • Modes of payments, will it be by cash, cheque, or credit cards?

  • Is depositing an option? And when will it be refunded?

  • Are service and maintenance included? Does it include cleaning? Be sure to ask about the expenses that might arise upon renting the space.

  • Determine whether it is a long-term arrangement or fixed term lease? To see if you could continue with the arrangement or check what happens if a space is no longer needed and shall be cease.

4. Ask consultation from a professional

Have a grasp on the venture you’re doing. Make it a point to ask for a proper consultation from a lawyer regarding the laws governing such procedures. Or anyone who had enough experience and knowledge regarding this matter.

5. Remember to sign the dotted line

Upon agreeing on your terms having it written in the paper will let you have the security of the promises made between both parties. And to make sure the landlord executes what is asked.

To have a written document about the agreed terms and condition will let you be confident and have the proper care you and the landlord settled to be done.

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