4 Apartment Stories to Keep You Up at Night in your Megaworld Condominium


Sure; you’ve bought a Megaworld condo unit in the Philippines because it’s really safe—you have security at the lobby, you have cameras at every entry point of every floor and you put in the effort to make sure that you have a comprehensive digital lock AND manual bolt for your unit. Heck, you could have even installed window locks just to push feel more secure!

Safety, albeit attainable with constant vigilance, is never a guarantee. Sure there are the general dangers of natural disasters but what about the everything else that even modern science can’t explain? To disclaim: you are in no way in danger in a Megaworld Philippines unit and this compilation is made for the fun of scaring yourself to the point of no sleep. On with the creep show!

14th-ish Floor

You ever wonder how buildings never have a 13th floor? Some buildings might not even go beyond the 12th floor but for those who do, some keep a vacant 13th so that technically, they won’t be naming it 14th, just really leaving it out to be unused.

But what if you lived on the 14th floor and someone for the floor just below you bangs on his ceiling/your floor? Would you confront “them?”

Pretend to not be Awake

One of the best things about owning your very own unit from Megaworld Philippines is the ability to get all the undisturbed sleep that you want. But what if you wake up and find someone waiting for you to bolt out of bed? Do you run or do you pretend to sleep?

Sanctuary for the Solitary

Most unit owners live solitarily. A big percentage of Megaworld condominiums are inhabited by very single singles who’ve just gone out of the nest and are experiencing a life of freedom for the first time. Some find this life the perfect time to go out and date. Some, those with jobs that require them to constantly be in front of the computer for hours and even days at a time, find this as a paradise. So when is paradise lost?

Of course, you will always be safe in your Megaworld property in the Philippines so why not spook up your all-nighter with these stories. After all, even you aren’t safe from your mind.

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