7 Entertaining Things To Do During A “Brownout” in the Philippines


Imagine being all curled up on the couch while watching your favorite TV show when the power suddenly goes out. You realize that you’ve had a power outage and that it would last for hours. The unfortunate thing is you don’t have an uninterruptible power supply to back you up. What do you do? Here are recreational activities for you to get by:

1. Play board games.

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During these hard times, one of the activities to avoid being bored is by playing board games. Did you know that we are in the midst of a widespread board game revivalism? Yes. Board games are “cool” again.

2. Play with whatever musical instrument is around you.

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Playing with musical instruments not only busts your boredom but it also presents several benefits. Just be sure that you will not disturb the neighbors.

 3. Spend quality family time.

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When was the last time you had a genuine conversation with your family? You and your family finally have the chance to bond! Maybe not having an uninterruptible power supply here in the Philippines has this one perk.

4. Re-enact scenes from your favorite movie.

Are you familiar with the iconic found footage film, Blair Witch Project? If not, the clip above is for your reference.

Don’t you think the context is perfect for you to practice your acting chops?

5.  Tell ghost stories.

Image source: wonderopolis.org
Telling ghost stories has been a traditional way of passing time during a brownout. With a flashlight in hand and a spine-chilling narration of a ghost story, this “tradition” is a recipe for fun, right?

6. Look for new hobbies

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This is the chance to finally try something different from what you usually do. If you spend most of your time on the internet, like most people do, you finally have the chance to try a new hobby! You could perhaps try cooking? Or Origami!

7.  You could evolve into a nocturnal creature. 

Image source: quickmeme.com
If you are unfortunately alone in this time if crisis, sleep is probably the best activity to engage in. The best thing about it is it doesn’t require that much physical activity. By the time you wake up, hopefully, the electricity’s back on and you can jump back to whatever you were doing.

If these activities don’t float your boat, you could just simply buy an uninterruptible power supply here in the Philippines. The next time you’ll experience a power outage, you would enjoy power supply even in the absence of electricity.

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