8 Interesting Facts About Logistics and Transportation Services in the Philippines and Beyond


Logistics and transportation services in the Philippines are the drivers of our economy. Since the beginning of human civilization, when nomads learned to bring arms as they migrated, there has been the presence of logistics. Here are 8 interesting facts you might find interesting:

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In the area of logistics, the Philippines ranked sixth among ASEAN-6 countries and 57th in the World Bank’s 2014 Logistics Performance Index (LPI). This goes to show that the Philippines is a potential place for an investment destination. The Philippines is a global player when it comes to this kind of industry.

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If you join all the sausages delivered by every logistics company every year, they’d reach beyond the moon.


If you are wondering what items are mostly shipped, the list is comprised of electronics, food, clothing and furniture.

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The world’s largest ship, called ‘Harmony of the Seas,’ can carry the Eiffel Tower. It measures 362 meters long. 

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Each year, logistics firms deliver the equivalent of 16,000 swimming pools of milk.


The logistics and transportation industry is made up of 6 sectors:

  • Road (Trucking Services)
  • Rail Cargo 
  • Storage and Warehouse-The terms are used interchangeably but the difference is simple. Storage is the process while warehouse is the place where items are stored. Warehousing is a type of storage. 
  • Aviation or air cargo
  • Maritime or ship cargo

All of these sectors are what make logistics and transportation services one of the biggest industries not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

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As detailed by Morai Logistics, drones are the “delivery” of the future when it comes to air freight. Amazon claims that they have developed sense & avoid sensors and algorithms which mean that air drones see obstacles and automatically avoids collisions.

In a report by CNN, QuiQui delivered medicine to San Francisco residents. QuiQui is a drone that can now get your pharmacy items with a push of a button. This would be a pioneer to what looks to be the future of air freight.

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By 2017, online retail will comprise 10% of all retail sales, according to Forrester Research. This means that logistics firms have to adapt to the rise of online shopping. These two things are interdependent because as online retail soars, so should the speed and quality of the delivery.

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The cargo train was once operated by ICTSI from 1998 but was suspended in 2002. Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) and International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) are considering the revival of the container rail service to help decongest ports and roads. The railway will run from Manila to Calamba.

Logistics and transportation services often go unnoticed but a life without logistics would be very different. It is at the heart of everything we eat, drink, do and enjoy.

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