How to pack your Things for Standard Shipment Purposes


Most people suffer from inability to pack things accordingly and always end up sending damaged goods or worse, the goods will be sent back to the sender. In order to make a successful shipment by a shipping company in the Philippines, one must be organized and mindful of the arrangement of their freight. It should also comply with the standards of the shipping company. What you could do is identify if your shipment is under the standard shipment.

Standard Shipment

A standard shipment is the ones with restriction to the weight and dimensions of the parcel but this is also base on the standards set by the shipping company. In order to avoid denied shipment, be sure to know their size limit.

Weight limit-

Most shipping companies weigh the parcels to be sent in order to see if the shipment will be possible and also, to identify the cost of the shipment. Though there are limits on the weight of the shipment to be shipped, keeping it light and ideal to the shipping standards will lessen the cost of the shipment.

There are instances that companies disregard weighing of your parcels but later found to be exceeding the weight standards and your shipment is shipped back to you due to weight issues. Situations such as this could be avoided by merely asking for the company’s weight standards. Once the information is obtained, weighing your parcels yourself would make the shipment be effective.

Dimensions restrictions-

Same with the weight limit, the dimensions should also be given enough attention. A parcel might have the correct weight but fails the standard measurements. Though there is no standard dimension measurement for all shipments, contacting the shipping company with regards to this would surely save you the time and effort.

What to use in packing items

There are a lot of things to use to pack your shipment. Here are the items available to make your packing ideal and appropriate.

Cover it with stretch film

According to Wikipedia, a stretch wrap or stretch film is actually a plastic film which could be stretched and wrapped around items. This is ideal to be used in keeping items together for it has the ability to tightly bound items together.

A plastic film could be found at your nearby local stores, it is mostly packed in a rectangular box or a roll of plastic which could be cut according to your needs. Or take a trip to a store that sells building materials which offer thicker ones. This is mostly used to cover hard suitcases to avoid damaging the exterior of the suitcase.

A cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are ideal to be used in packaging your goods. Using new boxes are the appropriate choice to pack your things to. Or you could also ask grocery stores to buy one of their damage-free boxes and put your stuff inside. Disregard using old damage boxes, boxes with holes, dents, and tears are no good. Stuffing your items inside a damaged box might put the package in harm resulting to damage goods.

The box should withstand the items to be stuffed. It should be made with high-quality, moisture-resistant, double-wall cardboard. If you will be stuffing the box with heavy items, it is a must to ensure the sturdiness and stability of the box to avoid any harm to the goods.

If the items are not fully occupying the space in the box, an addition of internal cushioning would be advisable. The items inside the box should not be moving or else the items will be damaged. Also, remember to make the appropriate separation for each item in the box. Make it a point to put them alongside each other with space in between to avoid getting contact with other items. The internal cushioning could either be styrofoam or any material that could provide cushioning to the items inside the box.

In sealing the box, secure it with a reliable adhesive tape which sticks enough to close the box. Wrapping it with tape in not less than three strips of packing tape would ensure of a fully closed package. To be sure, wrap the tape around the box making a wide cross.

In order to make your shipment possible be sure to keep in mind these tips on how to pack your package to ensure a damage-free delivery.

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