5 Must-Read Books About Your Favourite Watch Models


Are you a certified watch-geek? There’s no need to hide if you’re spending heaps of dosh on wholesale watches in the UK. In fact, we want your tick-tocking hobby to grow even more, so here’s a list of books to start your year filled with horological fun. These books won’t only add to your collection but to your knowledge of your most revered timepieces, too.

ROYAL OAK - Audemars Piguet by Martin K. Wehrli & Heinz Heimann

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Fancy Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watches? Revel in this richly illustrated 300-page book about the iconic model featuring its life details, history, and various standpoints from other aficionados who have worn it over the past four decades. Also, discover how the brand came to be as Martin Wehrli, Audemars Piguet Museum Director for the last 20 years, tells the story in Royal Oak’s 40th-anniversary book.

Jaeger-LeCoultre: A Guide for the Collector by Zaf Basha

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As the title says so, this book is a haven for every Jaeger-LeCoultre fans, most especially the vintage enthusiasts both in the UK and across the globe. From the reversible case Reverso to the keyless winding Futurematic, this definitive guide contains comprehensive information about the manufacture’s most famous timepieces. But this book is not just a mere catalogue of watches to add to your wholesale watches collection; it preserves the legacy of craftsmanship Jaeger-LeCoultre has contributed to the watchmaking industry.

Moonwatch Only by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié

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Omega’s Speedmaster is already a force on its own, but when NASA chose it to accompany astronauts to the moon in 1965, it became a legend. Undeniably, the Speedmaster Professional, the Moonwatch, goes to the moon and back in a way that no other watch can or will never match. And with its status, every follower deserves a definitive & comprehensive book that will guide them, and thus, the Moonwatch Only – The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide. If you can’t get enough, then a second edition is a must, which Omega graciously granted in the celebration of the model’s 60th anniversary: the Moonwatch Only – 60 Years of OMEGA Speedmaster.

Ultimate Rolex Daytona by Pucci Papaleo

Image source: puccipapaleo.com/2015/07/03/ultimate-rolex-daytona/

Take a peek at the construction of 180 unique & classic Rolex Daytonas in this 600-page high definition printed book. Discover never-before-seen special models and all variants of the world-renowned Paul Newman, as well as prototype dials and custom-made chronographs of Rolex’s iconic symbol in rare visual depth. Limited to only 599 copies around the world, the Ultimate Rolex Daytona is truly a great addition to your timepiece collection.

Patek Philippe Steel Watches
by John Goldberger

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When Patek Philippe utilized steel to create the Gerald Genta designed Nautilus in 1976, curiosity aroused in the mind of watch lovers. And to satiate this craving for knowledge about stainless steel watches, these 400 pages of amazing macro images, details, and history was written by one of the finest horological connoisseurs of all time: John Goldberg.

If you’re into horology or simply adore the beautiful aesthetics of these tick-tocking machines, these books are a definite goldmine for every watch enthusiast. Aside from buying wholesale watches in the UK, make sure to include these books in your #2018Goals this year.

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