How to Naturally Grow Hair Faster with Eggs

One of the leading problems of anyone with hair is watching it thin before their eyes; another problem of people who don’t have hair loss problems is that they can’t seem to grow their hair quick enough. Yes, it’s thick and but it’s just taking too long to grow out.


Today, we try look at how to grow hair faster with a very common kitchen ingredient that you might have underestimated all this time when it comes to helping your hair grow long and strong—eggs.

Eggs are very rich in protein that’s why they are a staple in most gym-centric diets. It has almost all the major minerals & vitamins (not including Vitamin C), a lot of fatty acids that help improve skin & scalp condition, and lecithin, a fatty protein that improved brain functions when eaten, and moisturizes your hair.

So how do you use eggs to grow hair faster? You can use egg yolks to treat dry hair. It has the least amount of protein compared to its white counterpart but it’s very rich in vitamins & minerals as well as amino acids & good cholesterol. The egg white can be used to treat very oily hair and scalp.

Wash your hair, towel dry, apply the egg concoction, let settle for 10-20 minutes, then wash with mild shampoo & conditioner.

The concoction can be made easily by using the egg as an emulsifier to combine water & olive oil. Just beat the egg with the oil and add a little bit of distilled water. You now have an egg-based conditioner. Use the egg yolk only to treat dryness & frizz; use the egg whites to control oil and help remove clogged product. Use the whole egg for normal hair growth simulation & general conditioning.

In the video, we see that you can also use yogurt instead of olive oil. This is a good alternative on how to grow hair faster if you want to focus on scalp detoxification as well as a cheaper alternative for olive oil. Next time, we will discover other ways that will help hair grow using natural means that you may easily find at home.

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