Prevent Slip & Fall at Home with These Permanent Solutions


Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, even inside your home. In fact, reports state that half of all accidental deaths at home are due to falls. With this threat at hand, you have to secure your home. There are various ways to make your abode slip & fall-proof—from installing non-slippery unglazed ceramic tile to lighting your staircases, learn how you can prevent fall-related accidents at home.

Installing slip resistant tiles

Choosing the appropriate tile for your home can lessen the risk of slipping and falling. Unglazed ceramic tiles, for instance, have an unfinished surface, making it more slip resistant than its glazed counterpart. Consider installing slip resistant tiles on wet and moist areas such as your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. If you’re living in locations with a milder climate, install the tiles outdoor as well as in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Placing grab bars & handrails

Install grab bars in your bathrooms and place handrails in hallways and stairways. These safety tools ensure family members, especially the elderly, to get on & off the toilet, step in & out of the bathroom, and go up & down the stairs without slipping or falling.

Putting safety gates at the top of stairs

With children’s curiosity, they tend to explore more places in your house as they begin to crawl or walk. This makes them more prone to accidents such as falling from staircases. To prevent this from happening, install hardware-mounted safety gates at the top of the stairs. Ensure it doesn’t have trip bar at the bottom of the frame or swing in both directions as these will negate the purpose.

Lighting staircases

Poor lighting contributes to the slipping and falling incidents at home. In fact, 20% of such accidents happen at night when visibility is lower. With this being the case, you need to improve the lighting at home, especially in walkways and stairs. Line your hallways and stairs with inexpensive LED lights as shown below.

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Securing non-slippery rugs

Placing non-slippery rugs at the steps of the stairs or outside the bathroom helps minimize accidents. Just make sure you install these anti-slip rugs with high-quality double-sided adhesive to prevent it from sliding under heavy traffic.

Slip and fall accidents do not discriminate—young or old, everyone is a fair target. 646,000 people die from falls worldwide according to data from the World Health Organization, the largest fatality of which occurring in individuals 65 years or older, 15-29, and children below 15 years of age.

Don’t take the risk lightly and wait until it’s too late. Take the precautionary measures above and prevent the accident from happening. Go get your home installed with unglazed ceramic tiles, grab bars & handrails, safety gates, LED lighting, and non-slippery rugs to keep it safe from threats waiting to occur.

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